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What’s the best products to use for cleaning my tiles and grout

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to use harsh cleaning chemicals on your tile and grout areas. HOW you clean the area is far more important!

We’re all guilty of the spray and immediately wipe-off technique, ourselves included. It almost feels instinctive to do this however by doing this you are not giving the cleaning product any time at all to do its job!

Believe it or not, many cleaning products can make it harder to keep your tiles and grout clean. They often contain soap and can leave a thin film of soap-scum on surfaces which if not completely rinsed off can trap dirt and grease which builds up over time and may appear to change the colour of your tiles.

Chemical cleaners can be too alkaline or acidic and if not thoroughly rinsed off can damage your grout and tiled surfaces, especially natural tiles like stone, leaving little pit marks on the surface for dirt to get trapped in.

Wet areas such as showers have slightly different cleaning needs as they are regularly subjected not just to moisture, but often to body oils, soaps, and higher amounts of dirt as well. Regular cleaning (and we mean at least weekly) with a good PH-balanced cleaner with the right cleaning technique will easily cut through these. We recommend GroutPro Citrus Eco-Kleen.

Our Recommended Cleaning Procedure

Step 1: Generously apply GroutPro CitrusEco-Kleen to the tiles and grout, leave to dwell on the tiles and grout for between 5 to 10 minutes, this will allow cleaner to emulsify and loosen any soap, body fats and oils on your tiles & grout. Important! Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry. If it starts to dry apply more solution.

Step2: Using a SOFT bristle brush lightly agitate the cleaner over the surface of the tiles and grout. The main objective of agitation is to ensure the cleaner is well distributed into all the nooks and crannies, not to clean by scrubbing the surface off everything! You will produce a better cleaning result if you let the cleaner do the work rather than harsh scrubbing.

Step 3: This is an important step. Rinse the surface with CLEAN cool water. Improperly rinsed surfaces can leave detergent residues and attract dirt.

Step 4: Lastly dry the tiles (and grout lines) using a Micro Fibre Cloth or an old towel, this will pick up any dirt residues left on the tiles and grout.



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