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Do You Need A Backsplash For Your Bathroom Vanity?

Often a controversial topic there are 2 separate camps; backsplash lovers and backsplash haters – so do you really need to have one?

What is a backsplash?

A backsplash or splashback is a wall covering that is usually tile, metal or glass. It is a protective covering on the wall behind your vanity (or kitchen benchtop). There are no hard and fast rules about how high a backsplash should go but they often cover the wall between the countertop and a wall mirror or cabinet if you have one installed above. If the vanity is situated in a corner the backsplash will often wrap around this as well.

Why should you have one?

Backsplashes have 2 functions – protection and design. As the name suggested a backsplash protects the wall around your vanity from splashes be it water or toothpaste preventing moisture damage to the GIB and creating an easy clean surface. They can also be a great design feature and the perfect place to play with colour or patterns adding style without making a huge commitment!

What materials are best for backsplashes?

As the key function of a backsplash is protecting the wall, a waterproof covering is ideal and is often in the form of tiles. There is so much choice available with some cool designs and colours so you can be really creative. Another important thing to consider is the type of grout you use. Whilst cheap and easy to install sand-based grout is not waterproof and will absorb any moisture and dirt in the area. Epoxy grout on the other hand is a great choice as it repels all moisture and dirt and will look great for years with minimal effort!



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