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How to keep your shower glass spot free

To the naked eye, shower glass may appear smooth and flat to the touch. However, put it under a microscope and it is more like a sea of grand canyons and meteor pits.

This surface creates a perfect environment where minerals in your household water, as well as soaps and body fats can collect. It also helps to explain why keeping your shower glass clean may feel like a full-time job, especially in a busy household.

Unfortunately, some shower glass will be much harder to clean than others and, in some cases once the frosted appearance sometimes referred to as “scale” is visible with the naked eye, it is often already too late to reverse the damage without specialist tools or cleaning products.

If your shower glass is new, one solution is to completely dry the glass after the shower using a squeegee and a micro-fibre cloth before the water evaporates leaving mineral and residue to dry. Great idea but who has time for that we hear you say!

For shower glass that has been in place for a while another option is to apply a protective coating to the glass which will delay the effects of staining. However, before these products can be applied, existing mineral build up needs to be removed.

Ready for some good news?

There is another way to give your shower glass a new lease of life. Before you undertake the expense of replacing your shower glass you may like to consider having a Genie give your shower glass a Back-to-Basics Refresh.

This service revitalises the existing shower glass, applies a protective anti-stick coating reducing build up and give longer lasting shine and replaces shower silicone to leave your shower looking as good as new.

The convenience and cost saving of this service makes it a popular choice for people preparing their house for the market, rental properties and homeowners wishing to extend the life of their bathroom.



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