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Pros and Cons of a Doorless Shower Enclosure

Doorless showers are super stylish and can elevate the look of your bathroom but before you decide to include this in your bathroom design there are some important factors to consider.

The Pros:

Accessibility – disabled, older people or parents trying to wash small children will find the accessibility of a doorless shower an advantage

Space saving – not having to accommodate the swing of a shower door into the main bathroom space can help in the overall function of a bathroom and avoids clashes with other bathroom fixtures or doors

Cheaper - a single pane of glass is often cheaper than a hinged or sliding door enclosure

Easy to clean – as there are no hinges, handles, or seals to work around, cleaning is a breeze

Luxurious – creating an illusion of space, walk-in/doorless showers offer a more modern look and luxurious feel

The Cons:

Demands space - to effectively contain water requires a certain amount of space, allows for the required slope for efficient drainage, and prevents water spraying/spread from the area

Heat loss - escaping steam not only adds unwanted moisture in the rest of the bathroom but the shower will also feel cooler during use, whereas trapped steam can offer warmth.

Escaping water – if the shower area is not large enough any spray or pooling water may spread out into the main bathroom area

Lack of privacy - trapped steam can provide a temporary fogging of the shower glass that offers some privacy which will not occur in a doorless shower

So, some important things to consider in your design and whether form or function is more important for you and the overall aesthetics of your bathroom space.



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