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What is the difference between wall tiles and floor tiles?

While floor tiles can be used as wall tiles, not all wall tiles can be used on floors.

Floor tiles are typically a denser, heavier tile designed to withstand high foot traffic and weight such as appliances. They are often more resistant to moisture and stains and can have a slight texture to provide a non-slip surface.

Wall tiles are often thinner and have a smooth or gloss surface and are not recommended underfoot.

When it comes to choosing tiles it will depend on what areas you are intending to tile, your budget and taste. Increasingly porcelain is preferred over glazed ceramic for the extra durability and performance it offers throughout all areas.

If you’re feeling stuck, give us a call to make a time to meet at the Tile Depot, 662 Rosebank Road. We’ll take a stroll around the showroom together to help work out what is going to suit you budget and your space.



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