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What To Expect When Remodelling A Bathroom

Contemplating a bathroom renovation but not sure what to expect?

It can be daunting to face the disruption of a renovation at home, especially when one of the most essential rooms in the house will be out of commission!

Naturally, you have some questions about the process of remodelling a bathroom – like how to manage if you are a one-bathroom household, and how long the project is likely to take.

This article will address your biggest concerns and give you some insight into what to expect when remodelling a bathroom.

What To Expect When Remodelling A Bathroom

How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take?

The length of a bathroom renovation varies depending on the scope of your renovation project, but here are some basic estimates for the actual work itself.

  • Simple fixture swap-out: allow 2-3 days, depending on how many fixtures are being replaced.

  • Retiling and fixture swap-out: 5-10 days

  • Advanced renovations such as relocating fixtures and making structural changes: 3-4 weeks.

The most efficient bathroom renovations are those that offer a refresh without changing the location of your fixtures. Because pipes and fixtures don’t need to be moved, the swap-out is straightforward.

If your bathroom needs a little more work, such as tile repair, the duration increases, although the time taken will depend on the scope of the work and the size/complexity of your tiling.

Of course, if you’ve decided your bathroom really isn’t working for you and you want to overhaul the area completely, you’re looking at a much more complicated job, involving demolition, plumbing, rewiring, and then rebuilding.

Accept That There May Be Delays When Remodelling A Bathroom

The time estimates provided above are for the actual work to take place. But there are other things to take into consideration while in the midst of a global pandemic.

There are considerable delays in the availability of tiles, fixtures and other essential materials at the moment.

If you’re planning on remodelling a bathroom, accept that you will most likely need to allow a few months of planning to get access to what you (and your chosen bathroom specialists) need.

Don’t expect to pop into a shop and be able to get your hands on everything you want the following week. Currently, it can take two to three months, regardless of whether your items are being imported or produced in New Zealand.

And it’s not just the fixtures that are hard to come by: we are also facing a shortage of building materials. On top of those supply chain issues, all businesses are extremely busy post-lockdown, with many booked out months in advance.

These are industry-wide issues, so approaching your bathroom renovation with patience, and understanding of the current challenges is advised.

On the bright side, if you allow more time to plan your bathroom remodel, you’ll be more prepared, and the process is likely to run more smoothly.

Surviving A Bathroom Remodel

If your house has more than one bathroom, you’ll likely have no problem surviving a bathroom renovation.

However, if your sole shower and toilet are going to be out of action when remodelling your bathroom, you will need to make some arrangements.

Firstly, let’s talk about exactly how long your toilet may be out of action.

This again depends on the scope of your project. A simple toilet swap-out shouldn’t take more than a day, maximum. If you’re at home during that time and need the toilet, your tradesperson will understand and make it as fast as possible, only taking the existing toilet out when they absolutely need to and installing the new one as a priority.

However, more complex projects may see your bathroom entirely off-limits for days or weeks.

Top Tips For Making It Through A Bathroom Remodel

If you are remodelling your only bathroom, you’ll need to make alternative arrangements: here are our top tips to help you survive:

  • Befriend the neighbours and ask if you can use their toilet/shower when needed

  • Take advantage of shower facilities at work or the gym, if possible.

  • Look into portable toilets and alternative shower arrangements you can use at home.

  • Temporary relocation – if remodelling your bathroom is likely to cause significant inconvenience, consider staying with friends or family or temporarily relocating to an Airbnb – or use it as an excuse for a holiday!

  • And while it’s not the most glamorous option, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of spare buckets on hand just in case.

Remodelling a bathroom can be a great idea. Not only can it transform the most crucial little room in your house, but it also adds value to your home.

If you’d like to find out more about what remodelling a bathroom would involve, chat with the experts at Bathroom Genie today.



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