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(Available in the central Auckland region only)


Experience the Magic of a Showerdome Shower Top!  

Benefits include: 
Feeling warm and cosy 🔥  
Using less water 💧 
Reducing energy costs 💸 
Stopping mould and mildew 🚫🌿 
Improving air quality 🌬️ 
Increasing safety 🔒 
Reducing maintenance! 🛠️😍 

🔗 Discover the Power of Showerdome


Once we have received your order we will be in touch to get more information about your shower and arrange a suitable date and time for your work to be completed.


Please note that if your shower is not a standard size or requires additional work to enable installation, additional charges will apply.

Refresh Showerdome

  • Freight costs if applicable: this covers delivery within the central Auckland region only (for other areas please use our contact form to inquire)

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